MDA Fundraiser at Lambeau Field
Go Red for Women American Stroke Association Fundraiser

 Champion Charity Events

1.       March of Dimes charity event- (Donated Time & Money)- March 2012

                           2.       Reach Counseling charity event (Dessert Competition) Award: Best International & Best Over All- (Donated Time & Money)- April 2013

3.       LGBT kids charity event- (Donated Private Dinner) - January 2014

                          4.       Kids Museum Healthy Kids charity Event (Health Kids Dish Competition) Award: Top 8 Winner” & “Grand Prize Winner” -(Donated Demo, Serving & Time)- March 2014      

5.       Boys & Girls Club charity event- (Donated Private Dinner)- April 2014

 6.       Lake-shore Culinary Institute Scholarship fundraiser-(Donated Time/Money)-May 2014  

              7.       Fox Valley Tech Motivational Speech-(Donated Lecture, Time & Cooking Class)-February 2014

             8.       UW Fox Valley Scholarship charity event-(Donated Cooking Demo & Money) November 2014   

  • The Ahman Green Foundation fundraiser (Donated Gift Basket) December 2014

          9.       The Giving Tree charity event- (Donated Cooking Class, Money & Gift Basket)- March 2015 

       June-tenth Festival- African Association-charity awareness event-(Donated Cooking Class/Money)-June 18 2015

                    10.  Minnesota Pork Association (Flavor Pitch Recipe Competition) Best out of 10 Winner & Grand Prize Winner” (Donated Time & Money)- May 2015 

11.   Fox Valley Tech fee event-(Donated Lecture & Cooking Demo)-September 2015

     12.   Ahman Green Foundation charity event (Donated Time & Gift Basket) December 2015

                            13.   Wisconsin Pork Association charity event (Competition) Award: “Top 8 Winner” & “People’s Choice”        Donated Time & Money (Donated Time & Money)- January 2016        

14.   Boys & Girls Club-free event-(Donated Cooking Class & Lecture) January 2016

15.   Giving Tree Foundation charity event (Donated Cooking Class & Money) March 2016

16.   Christian Academy charity event (Donated Private Dinner) March 2016

              17.   Make A Wish Foundation charity event-(Donated private Cooking Class/Money)-June 2016       

               18.   MDA Muscle Team gala  charity event-(Donated Private Cooking Class, Money, Demonstration)-June 2016

19.  United Cerebral Palsy charity event-(Donated Private Dinner)-August 2016 

                   20.   UW Fox Valley Scholarship fundraiser event-(Donate Cooking Demo & Money)-October 2016

21. Reach Counseling Just Desserts Fundraiser & Desert Competition-(Donated Money/Food/Time) March 2016

22.  House of Hope Packer Gala-Donated Sushi Cooking Classes) September 2016

23. Cancer Association Dancing with The Starts -(Donated Private Dinner) January 2017

24. Scholarship for Kids/Menasha High School-(Donated Private Cooking Class) January 2017

25. Production Farm Foster Care-(Donated a Full Cooking Show with Kids) January 2017

26. American Heart Association fundraiser awareness"Heart Ball"(Donated Appearance/money). April 2017

27. American Stroke Association "Go Red For Women"(Donated Knifes Skills Lesson & Fashion Show). May 2017

28. The Giving Tree-Homeless & Food Pantry (Donated 3 cooking classes-Raised 4,300.) April 2017

                     29.            Department of Corrections-Early Childhood Education, ALICE low-income housing assistance and 2-1-1 Community Health Resources. Donated Cooking Class for 8 people.  June 2017

30. Life Promotions fundraiser event-Donated cooking class for 8 people. June 2017 (Northern, WI)

                              31. Fox Valley Memory Project for  those experiencing early stage dementia, mild memory loss or cognitive impairment as well as family and friends of those affected. Donated Cooking Demo for 40. June 2017 (Appleton, WI)

                                      32.  Mike Daniel's "House of Hope"for housing and resources for young mothers. Donated Sushi cooking class, time & money. September 2017 (Green Bay, WI)

                                                     33. 12th annual Celebrate Sisterhood. Provides services for special needs such as autism, down syndrome ad physical challenges. Donated live demo, time, money, & Private Cooking Class for 8 people. October 2017 (Appleton. WI)

                                   34. Woodside Senior Communities Fundraiser. To help enhance the lives of the elderly. Donated Dinner for 8 people. October, 2017 (Green Bay, WI)

                                                       35.  28th Annual CP Auction.  CP supports more than 2,000 infants, children, adults and seniors - in Northeast Wisconsin - with various physical, developmental and communication conditions each year. Donated Private Cooking Class for 8,money, & time.