Meet Local Celebrity Chef Ace Champion!Book Signing, Meet & Greet June 21, 11am-1pm 

Chef Ace Champion Chef Ace Champion will be signing copies and reading excerpts from his book, 8 Steps to Your      Perfect Meal, at Cooks Corner on Saturday, June 21, from 11am-1pm. He'll also be  demonstrating how to make art out of food by crafting decorative tomato roses while he is  here.

 Chef Champion has made several appearances onFox 11's Living With Amy, and, most recently,  on Cooks Corner's local chef segment of Local 5 Live.

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    Thursday, December 12, 2013
  6:30 pm at The Reader's Loft

Chef Ace Champion


          8 Steps to Your Perfect Meal

by Chef Ace Champion
 Ace is a local Chef and teacher whose philosophy is not to simply further inspire those who love cooking to become better cooks, but also to inspire those who dislike or tread lightly in the kitchen to discover a new sense of enjoyment through cooking great meals for themselves, family and friends!  
Publisher's Comments:
Chef Ace Champion brings a passion uncommon in the world of cooking as he leads readers on a journey to culinary enjoyment. “8 Steps To Your Perfect Meal” mixes the often-overlooked emotional and subconscious aspects of food preparation with the nuts and bolts of practical tips, giving readers all the tools they need to create excellence in the kitchen.
In addition to guidance on subjects ranging from recipe research to fine tuning a meal’s taste, Chef Champion introduces elements of the Law of Attraction not typically associated with cooking. Whether you are a kitchen novice or veteran, “8 Steps To Your Perfect Meal” will help you gain the inspiration and information you need to raise your meals to a higher level.  

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Book signing today at the Reader's Loft in Green Bay! Hope to see a familiar face.
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