Cooking Classes & Corporate Team Building & More  

Chef Ace Champion is a independent contractor that books Private & Public Cooking Classes, Private dinners, at differentvenues marketing there product through my cooking and Recipe Development. Champion also offers a variety of services like TV  Product Marketing, Visionary Motivational Speaking, Recipe Development & more. Champion offers business and personal oriented cooking classes to fit all needs. You will leave class feeling motivated and ready to take charge in the kitchen. You will also get to go home with all of the recipes prepared just for you.

Public Cooking Classes
Pubic Cooking Class (Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast)
                    About Champion Cooking Classes

There aren't many things better than a well cooked meal accompanied by a glass of wine. Let Chef Ace Champion guide you through a culinary experience here in the tasting room. Chef Ace is well versed in all types of cuisine and specializes in Creole/Cajun cooking.

This class will be highly interactive and informative. Chef Ace will guide you through the cooking techniques while Katrina and Adam will provide the ins and outs of the various wines recommended with the course.

Enjoy: A beverage of your choice (glass of wine, beer or coffee), printed recipes and the creations of Chef Ace. 

                              Private Chef                                  In Home Personal Chef and Health Coach 
Chef Champion will meet with you and customize your personal dinner party. You can choose from various meals and sides from chef Champions Menu. Champion will shop for all groceries, prepare the meal(s) on a designated "cook date" in the home/business home. Treat yourself to an experience of a life time. You work hard so its time you Eat Like A. Champion    Book Your Event Now!
Private Sushi Dinner Party Jambalaya Sushi Role & Blackened Ahi Tuna with Raspberry Balsamic

Aj Hawk (LB) & Matt Flynn (QB) of the Green Bay Packers 

     Champion Motivation                                       Visionary Motivational Speaker      

                                              Champion Motivation                                     Visionary Motivational Speaker                            We offer Visionary Motivational Speaking and technique sessions to schools, colleges, business, as well as in home teaching for families or one- on-one. Champion is here to rejuvenate you and get you back on track.If you are looking to inspire a group of people or just yourself, than this is the event for you. Champion will have you up and running feeling great and believing in yourself by the end of the session.

Visionary Motivational Presentation (Fox Valley Tech)

Kohler, WI Food & Wine Experience 

Cook Like A. Champion Media Kit
Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building exercises are a great way to get you employees empowered for working to gather in a positive environment. Champions Team Building exercise are sure to get your team going in a motivating positive way. Treat your employees to a day or night they will never forget. Good food with good company with a healthy dose of fun learning!
Corporate Team Building Cooking Class
Corporate Chopped Team Building Competition 

                           Recipe Specialist                               Developing Recipes and Menus Developer

 If you are a business that needs fresh innovated menu or recipe ideas; than look no further. Chef Champion is an expert in recipe development. Champion start by infusing your product into his large data base of existing tested recipes to create fun and unique recipes featuring your products. Get your customers exited with new ways to use your products!

Cherry Cream Stuffed French Toast with Cherry Caramel Rum Sauce created for Cherry Delight 

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