Continuing Education: Modeled after his new book, 8 Steps to Your Perfect Meal, Chef Ace will walk you through his eight culinary principles, with two class sessions that include demonstration cooking – and food sampling! 

The New Mona Rose Winery in Green Bay, WI                   

2696 South Packerland DriveI 

Come join this once in a life time experience of personal pampering and learning.Champion will not only prepare and teach healthy delicious food, he will also give you the motivation and mental clarity that will make you a better cook instantly. Come join us with a vision of total purity. It

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Celebrity Chef Ace Champion from The Chef Champion Show which airs every Saturday on CW 14 will be hosting many services right here on River Tyme!!!

Chef Champion Dinner or Breakfast on the Fox: You guessed it, an amazing meal prepared by an amazing chef on an amazing river in an amazing riverboat. Need we say more?

Floating Cooking Class: Is this a cool idea, or what?!? Come join this experience of personal pampering and learning. Click Here for more Info & Registration......