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 Just in case you need a little motivation to join this cooking class and begin your journey to happiness and satisfaction with your creations in and out the kitchen. Here is a video that I am sure will move you in the right direction.

 Your Mission is what you give yourself. Its the rules you choose to follow..

Do you really want to learn how to cook?

What if I told you I had a secret that would not only make you a better cook, it could potentially change your life. Would you believe me? But what if I told you the only way this will work and manifest itself is if you believe in what I have to say? Will you take this chance? What do you have to lose?

The subconscious mind sees and feels other people’s emotions with passion and care, while the conscious mind might tend to judge and discriminate. We must learn how to allow both our conscious and subconscious mind to flow together as one to truly manifest great things in life

Just tell yourself you can and allow good, positive energy to flow through your veins. Focus on the task at hand and watch how your subconscious mind will unfold step after step until you reach your goal, where you once thought you couldn’t even start.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”                                                                                                    (Martin Luther King Jr.)

"I understand that cooking is not easy and comes with a lot of expectations, but we will get through the pain to experience the victory. There’s some people who say they can cook and there’s some that say they can’t most of the time there usually right. That’s not us because we choose to learn to be better."

"We will get through all the burns, cuts, and stress that may a cure and  know just like anything else if you never quite you will become better.

We know now that the only way we can truly dictate what ingredients go into our body is if we put them together ourselves. If you want things done right we must learn to do them ourselves and not ever depend on anyone to feed us but us.

 "I will educate myself to become better because I know I am better than what I’ve been doing.

You have taken the first step in coming to this class". You don’t have to see the hole staircase or even see how you’re going to make it that’s not your job your job is to just take the first step and I promise you if you take that step with a positive attitude every other step will unfold one after another.

"I am not afraid to fail and I am not afraid to win. One this day we chose to be a great cooks and work on being better  everyday we live.

This is what I know!

Chef Champion L.L.C.

This is a motivational speech I did at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton Wisconsin. The speech was geared from Martian Luther King Jr. speech only I told my version of what I thought he wanted us to know. This is the same college I graduated from 2012, This was a tribute to Black History Month 2014. I was blessed to see there were all color and genders there. We had a great time!