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Champion's Philosophy

My vision is not just to inspire those who love cooking to become great cooks, but also to inspire those who dislike cooking to discover a new sense of enjoyment. I’m specifically referring to those of you who think cooking is impossible and you just weren’t genetically born to cook. Does that sound like you?

"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

I am here to change all that – to inspire you to understand that most people struggle with cooking not because they can’t cook, but because they don’t like to and don’t want to. We can become better cooks and develop a stronger passion for cooking simply by becoming better with that skill.

I believe people who have negative energy produce negative results. When you say you are a bad cook or when you tell others you are a bad cook, you are only creating more of a bad cook in you. We will change all that.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes 

Customer Reviews

{Just Desserts Class}   Chef Champion is exceptional, very positive & charismatic! Absolutely wonderful! Good Luck w/TV!

{Just Desserts ClassChef Champion understands his ingredients and why they are there. His recipes are amazing and very doable.

{Vegan Class}   Good understanding of Vegan foods. Excellent experience. Chef Champion is wonderful and very knowledgeable!

{Just Desserts Class} Loved the Bread Pudding. I can see why he won those awards.

{Vegan Class}  You Rock! Your excitement & enthusiasm about cooking is contagious!

{Vegan Class}   The Bread Pudding was excellent. Thanks for understanding of Vegan-ism!

{Knife Skills 101}    Chef Champion is just a great person and an inspiration. To have your attitude would do great for me.

Note: For best results please print off the recipe and visualize what  needs to be done. Allow yourself to get a good understanding on what the recipe is asking you for. You can then follow along with the class and make any necessary notes you might want to add.

Chef Tip: Don't forget to have fun. Cooking is a passion that should be enjoyed and love.