12 Time Award Winning Chef

Chocolate Bread Pudding/Butter Scotch Whiskey Cream Sauce
Top Chef Award in the Celebrity Chef Stage Compitition 2016
Double Award Winning Desert "Cherry Cream Apple Pie with Moscato Caramel Rum Sauce
This was a cooking competition among the top local chefs and restaurants. There were 4 awards giving out that day. The first award I won was "The Top 12". The second award I won was "Best Signature". They didn't have a People's Choice award this year but from the sounds of people we were the crowd favorite. For more information Click Here..... 
Double Award Winning Dish
Door County Cherry Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom & Cherry Port Wine Sauce
This was a competition of the top 8 chefs finalist in Wisconsin to compete head to head for the best pork dish. The first award I won was "Top 8" out of the best restaurants and chefs in Wisconsin. I also walked away "People's Choice Award" which there were over 500 people attending. After all its the people that make me who I am so I believe I got the right one. For more information Click Here......
Double Award Winning Dish
Health Apple Pie French Toast Roll-Ups with Vanilla Silk Sauce
This was a competition of top chefs and local restaurants in the Brown County area, geared to get kids eating healthy. There was only 1 grand prize winner over all who could make the healthiest kids breakfast. The first Award was the acceptance of the "Top 8" out of a large of local chefs and restaurant. The second Award was "Best Over All". There were over 350 attendies that night. For more information Click Here....
Double Award Winning Dish "Creole Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Port Wine Butter Sauce
This was a competition among 5 states in the Midwest. There were hundreds of entrees, but only the top 10 would make it to the final voting round. I represented Wisconsin. The contest was geared toward making the best Pork Recipe of the year. The first award I won was the "Top 10". The second award I won was "Grand Prize" which was best over all.  Click Here for more...
Reach Counseling "Just Deserts Competition at Bridgewood Resort in Neenah, WI   2012
                     Triple Award Winning Dish             "New Orleans Style Bread Pudding with Whiskey Cream Sauce"
This competition is for the Best Desert of the night for a charity event "Reach Counseling". There were over 400 attending that night. The first award was for the "Top 12". The second award was for "Best International", & The third award was "Best Over All"!